The fees at the École Bleue are the most reasonable possible to enable both an economic viability of the school and to allow a margin for continual investment in teaching and resources.

To pay the lecturers and teachers, the administartion, the rent, the telephone, electricity, water, furniture, building charges, consummables, conferences, building maintenance, chairs, tables… takes money, of course.

The Ecole Bleue has made the strategic choice of having a small number of students per class to privilige the quality of the teaching and pedagogy.

This is why every student is important.

To join to the Ecole Bleue means to be financially responsible, to be concious of ones future investment, its to be responsible for the quality of the teaching recieved for you and for your colleauges. The decision to come to the Ecole Bleue is an important, and not an anodin, choice.

2019 / 2020


Tuition fees , prépa = 6900 euros
Application fee, prépa = 400 euros


Tuition fees , for years 1, 2, 3, 4 et 5 = 8000 euros / an
Application fee years 1,2 et 3 = 500 euros

Application fee due in the first year of inscription only. Fee reimboursed in the case of non qualificaation of the Bac or school graduation exams, with justification provided .


Tuition fees : 8000 euros
Inscription fees : 500 euros



If you would like to apply for the Foundation course, in anticipation of the public and private schools admission competitions, for the first year or by equivalence, please complete this application form to be contacted by the school.



The Ecole Bleue will be presenting its Foundation Class (atelier préparatoire) as well as its Global Design program and Cultural, Events & Scenography program at numerous salons and fairs. Don’t miss these events, make a note of the dates:

  • Rencontres de l'Etudiant for Fashion, Luxury & Design.
    Saturday 10 November from 10.00h to 18.00h.

  • Studyrama Salon for artistic studies.
    Saturday 24 November from 9.30h to 17.00h.

  • Le Figaro meeting & orientation for arts, communications and creative studies.
    Saturday 24 November from 9.30h to 18.00h.

  • Open Days at the Ecole Bleue.
    Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March.